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Photography, 2023

Photograph on Paper (Inkjet print / wooden flame)
148×100mm (Print size), 170×120×45mm (Flame size)

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Video, 2023


2022年9月5日。 部屋の窓に取り付けられた黒いロールスクリーンに、2センチほどの小さな穴を見つけた。

 カメラオブスキュラ。 カメラの原型となった光学装置のこと。


——— 9月5日の日記より 


——— 9月6日の日記より 



September 5, 2022. I found a small hole, about 2 centimeters in size, in the black roller blind attached to the window of the room. It happened in Haukiärvi, a small rural town in Finland.

Camera obscura.
It refers to the optical device that served as the precursor to the camera. By creating a small hole in a completely dark room window, the landscape of the outside world is projected onto the walls of the room in an inverted state. It's a simple mechanism. Going back in time, even Leonardo da Vinci and Vermeer used this device to observe and depict the outside world. Perhaps someone who stayed here in the past also made this hole in an attempt to see something.

In the darkness, I observe the walls of the room.
Gradually, colors emerge and come to life.

A light resembling a planetarium.
However, it moves with the wind, which makes it fascinating.
And above all, it's beautiful.
- From the diary entry of September 5th.

What you look at
What you look for

When you look at the camera obscura, you can understand the essential nature of light.
Objects that appear close appear blue, but as they move away, they turn white.
It's because blue color gets added.
Even the same light, when it becomes hazy, disappears.
Similar to modern society.
- From the diary entry of September 6th.

Despite being able to raise the curtain and look outside the window to see a bright and clear landscape, why would someone go through the trouble of looking at the inverted image in a dark room? The white trunks reflected on the bed, the green trees reflected on the door, the blue sky reflected on the cupboard. The everyday life outside and the everyday life inside the room overlap, revealing a slightly special, or perhaps very small, beauty right before your eyes.

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