what you look at
what you look for
Photography (by Camera Obscura)

Photograph on Paper (Inkjet print / wooden flame)
148mm×100mm (Print), 170mm×120mm×45mm (Flame )
"what you look at what you look for" is a series of photographs documenting camera obscura images made in the Finnish countryside in 2022. The project started when I accidentally found a small hole in the curtain in the attic where I was staying.

We often travel, explore secret places and wait for the perfect moment in order to take fascinating photographs.However, this sometimes frames the photograph into a predictable and complete image, and we tend to overlook the incidental beauty that comes from the reality; something looking at right now.

In this series, I focused on facing the reality that I am now looking at. Passing through small holes in the black curtains, the green of the forest is projected on the door of the room, the sky and clouds on the shelves, and the trunk of a birch on the bed. The brightness and colours change from moment to moment, and the landscape reflected on the walls is like a silent film.

Then, I ask myself again.

What are you looking at?
What are you looking for?